Deploy your first solution in less than 10 minutes.

Follow this short tutorial register yourself by creating an account on Morpheus Labs SEED and start building projects right away.

Create an account on Morpheus Labs SEED

Register into Morpheus Labs SEED via Morpheus Labs website or go directly to the platform URL

Under the login form, click on the "Register New Account"


Login page

and the following dialog will appear. Fill in the form and create your account by clicking on "Register New Account".


An email would be sent to the email address you provided in the registration form.


Check your inbox. Click on the activation link to verify your email address.

Upon successful verification, you will be able to log into the platform.


Log into your Morpheus Labs SEED account via Morpheus Labs website or go directly to

Enter your username/email and password and click "Log in".


To Reset Password

Click "Forgot Password?"


Select a Plan

Choose your subscription plan by clicking "Select".

If this is your first time creating an account for a company or yourself, you will be assigned an administrator automatically to select a subscription plan and make payment.

If you have a team, your team members will need to create an account for registration as well. They will be able to access the platform for use after you add them using the “Team” function.

Refer to ["Membership & Subscriptions"] for detail of subscription plans. (

  1. choose your subscription plan

Enter your details:

  1. Entity type: "Company" or "Individual"
  2. Company Name: This can be your name (in case of individual entity type) or a company name for company type. Your own name and data were already provided during the registration. These records are only for the subscription.
  3. Email: This is to reach you regarding the subscription.
  4. Address:
  5. Contact Number:
  6. Country

Your profile section

Payment Settings

If the selected plan has a Free Trial promotion, you will see it in the payment settings section.
You can continue with the selection and enjoy the free promotion for the selected plan. The following image shows a 30-days free trial if you have selected a 3-months subscription plan.


Payment Settings when selecting a free trial plan

Alternatively, if a payment is requested, depending on the payment type you need to:

Payment Type: Blockchain MITx token

  • Key in the duration of your membership
  • Importantly, you need to fill in a valid Ethereum Wallet Address click "Validate" then "Save". If you do not already have a wallet address, you can create the address using MyEtherWallet or Metamask browser plugin.

Payment settings when the selected plan needs a payment

Here is MyEtherWallet’s official guide to creating an ethereum wallet address:

The total payment required is displayed beside “Total Cost”. This is based on your subscription plan and the duration of your subscription. The total cost in MITx is calculated based on a programmed API from current USD-ETH-MITx exchange rates in real-time; it will constantly change based on market conditions. Morpheus Labs BPaaS utilizes the Coinmarketcap API for this real-time conversion. More information can be found at You can also use promotion codes (if any) to receive a discount.

  • Click on the button "Submit" (see in the image above) when you are ready for payment. A checkout window will open containing the summary of the subscription and payment.


The checkout process will trigger the Metamask wallet and you will need to confirm all the requests in order to complete the payment.


Metamask asking confirmation when the payment type is Blockchain MITx token

After your metamask wallet is connected to the platform website, the first blockchain transaction will be "INCREASE APPROVAL" (see next image labeled 1) . The increasing approval is the authorization you give to the platforms' smart contract to proceed with the payment. After this transaction will complete the teal payment transaction will appear in metamask that you also need to confirm.

Please ensure you have clicked to the EDIT in the GAS FEE section (see image below) in order to speed up your transaction.


Increase approval step
EDIT for gas fee to speed your transaction

Note. Morpheus Labs will disburse the revenue from the Application Library to the wallet address set by the Administrator of the Organisation.

Payment Type: Credit Card USD

If you have selected the credit card as the payment type, the by clicking the checkout button you will be prompted to the credit card payment step.

Proceed with the payment by filling in your credit card details.


Credit Card payment