Morpheus Labs SEED offers development stacks to aid your DApp development.
Explore some of the popular stacks here.

How Stacks can Help

Stacks aid your development of decentralized applications. In the Morpheus Labs SEED, each stack comes with packages that will help you specifically. You can choose the stack that best fit your development needs.

Stacks may have different versions in the same package. For example, Truffle 4.1.15 and Truffle 5.0.2 may be present in two different stacks so it is always good to use the search function to choose the stack that suits your coding needs.

Sample of Ethereum Stacks

Morpheus Labs SEED has a wide range of stacks to help you with Ethereum DApp development.


ML-Truffle-Ganache stacks
This stack provides the basic framework you will need to set-up an Ethereum DApp. There are a few versions of this stack with different Truffle version numbers. Select the one that matches your Solidity pragma version for successful compilation of your smart contract.

Sample of VeChain Stacks


Sample of Other Stacks