Use Cases

The best-rated apps from the AppLibrary become use cases that you can re(use) to scale your business faster.

Run Use Cases

As part of the Solution Centre, the use-case function will display the available use cases according to your subscription plan.

Use Cases are like playbooks that can be used to rapidly prove how business problems can be solved by specific applications, services and blockchain using the platform.

Click on the use case of your interest.


Use cases list

The details of the use case will appear. It is important that you learn how the use case is able to help your business and the required platform resources. If your plan allows, you will be able to click on the start button and run the use case. The process will trigger a sequence of tasks to set up all necessary platform services, blockchain networks and applications needed.


Use Cases

Developers who keep their curated applications in the AppLibrary will have a great opportunity to see their apps being promoted to use cases if their applications get highly ranked. Morpheus Labs and its partners will be engaged in promoting the use cases to customers while giving visibility and credit to those developers that have contributed to such use cases.