Membership is the landing page for first-time users of our platform. There are four subscription tiers on our platform with 30 days free for new users.

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All you need is an internet connection to access and utilize the platform. That means you can access it anywhere, anytime, from any computer or device.


Membership - The subscription plans

For individuals and freelance professionals looking to create blockchain dAPPs faster with a wide list of integrated blockchains ready to use.

You can develop dAPPs remotely, collaborate with other developers/teams/organizations and deliver projects faster while remaining cost competitive.

The blockchain infrastructure and development stacks are ready to use. The Collaborative Development Environment(CDE) gives you access to ready private and /or public nodes, stacks and modern IDE all in one place.

You can use the AppLibrary to download the sample code and publish your apps.
For Startups and SMEs looking to go to market.

All features in Personal are included.

Gain competitive advantage and prototype you business idea rapidly and deliver your solution at a fraction of cost and time.

Organizations can develop dAPPs using local and remote teams, internal or freelance. Depending of blockchain selected there are multiple stacks that helps creating complex applications faster on private and public blockchains. The
Online IDE and the development stack with multiple programming language and frameworks give the ability to create off-chain and on-chain application faster within one environment.

Multiple Blockchain protocol options.

Enabled Team Feature under the same license.

AppLibrary provides reference apps from diverse industries helping you faster build vertical solutions.
Business Plus
For Organizations looking to create solutions rapidly and scale.

All features in Personal and Growth are included.

Both the CDE stacks and blockchain configuration options will give the flexibility to create business based on blockchain technology while the benefit of enterprise blockchain configurations and ready to use services., all to help you with data privacy, blockchain governance, security and application scalability.

More users to add in the team

AppLibrary beside of reference appss you can use ready-to-go apps and white-label apps
For Mid to Large Enterprises having own IT teams.

Besides having rapid prototyping, fast solution delivery and enterprise-grade solutions, enterprises can demand resources having no limit to platform power and can rely on the expertise of the Morpheus Labs team.

On top of the platform benefits organizations can demand:
- Feasibility study
- Blockchain research
- Business Analysis
- Requirement preparation
- Solution Design

Furthermore, additional resources and tailored services can be facilitated

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Note for token users: The prices are based on the subscription plan tier and duration of your subscription. It is calculated in MITx tokens. The MITx value is retrieved in real-time via API from current USD-ETH-MITx rates. Morpheus Labs BPaaS utilizes the coinmarketcap API for this real-time conversion. More information can be found at