Neo Dev blockchain network

Open the BlockchainOps and set up new Neo-Dev network


Fig 1

Once a network is created and running, please note the service URLs as shown in the next image.

Depending on the development stack, you will use in your workspace you may need some of these URLs


Fig 2

Neo Stacks

ML-Neo-One is a stack-based on Ubuntu 18.04.

It contains:

  • NEO-python - Python Node and SDK for the NEO blockchain.
  • NodeJs
  • NEON-js - JS SDK for the NEO blockchain platform.

Create a new NEO workspace as shown in the next two images


Fig 3

this is an example for using ML-Neo-One stack


Fig 4

Once the IDE and terminal are opened, use the script np-config to configure the NEO protocol json file.

The syntax of np-config is shown in the next image. The first argument is the network internal P2P URL and the second argument is the internal RPC URL (see Fig. 2 above)


Fig 5

Once the np-config is completed, you can connect to your private network using the command
np-prompt -p and the output should be like in the next image:


Fig 6