My Services

Choose a service and customize it swiftly for your needs.

Creating new service instance

As part of the Solution Centre, My Services is the place where you can create and manage service instances.

The available services vary based on your subscription plan. Each service instance is unique and you will be able to use it for your needs.

To create a new service, go to Solution Centre -> APPS/SERVICES tab -> My Services . Click on the New button to create a new service.


New Service

Select the service which you want to create. You can view the service in the list or grid view mode. You can also search for a service you are looking for by typing into the search box. Each service has a name, description, and specific tags (eg. KYC, AML).


Select the service

Based on your subscription plan, you can select from multiple configuration types for the service.


Select service configuration type

Depending on the service, selected configuration type and complexity the steps and UI may vary service by service. The following image shows an example of the configuration of the KYC/AML service.


Service configuration example

You can start, edit the configuration, stop and delete the service after completing service configuration steps.


service item

You can view the service info by clicking on the info icon. Depending on the service, you can view the services URLs such as web interfaces and API endpoints.

Click on the edit button if you need to change the service configuration.

Remove the service instance from the menu located on the upper-right corner.


Service info