Configure My Repository

The Morpheus Labs SEED version supports direct integration with GitLab and GitHub.

Connect to a Repository

For First-time users

  1. Click on the icon "Repository Connection" next to My Repositories in the Dashboard.
  1. Select GitHub or GitLab (depending on where you want to save or from where you want to get your projects). Input your Personal Access Token (see Personal Acess Token section on this page). Click on the button "Connect".

In image 2.2 you can choose the groups for your organization. For more information go to the next section "Manage Repository Settings".





Main Settings

  1. The next image shows how to manage the GitLab settings after step 2.
    In the image, the settings are labeled with red numbers and they mean:
  •              **Main Settings(1)**. The user has two modes: Organization or User. 
                  In Organization mode, the Organization admin can manage the settings for the 
                  organization members.
  •               ** Platform(2)** options are GitLab and GitHub
  •               **Personal Access Token(3)** (see personal access token section in this page)
  •               **Groups(4)** a list that can allow the group management
  •               **New Group(5)** You can also create a new GitLab group in this phase.
  •               **Activate groups(6)** Organization admins in Organization mode (see point 1) can decide which group the organization can use. 

Note If the user chooses the User model in the Main Settings (1), it will work independently of the organization's choice and able to connect its own repositories. The user can switch back to Organization mode at any time to work on the organization repositories. The admin of the organization once has set the Organization mode settings can also switch to User mode like any other user.



  1. The same concept as explained above for GitLab (point 3) applies to GitHub. Instead of groups (depending on the GitLab account), the organization admin is able to activate the GitHub which members of the organization can use. It is not possible to create a new Organization from this UI in Github.


Create a repository

A repository is what you use to store your codebase in GitLab and change it with version control. A repository is part of a project, which has a lot of other features.

  1. Click on the "Edit" icon next to the "My Repositories" menu in the Dashboard.
  2. Click on the tab "New Repository".
  3. Enter the Name, Path and optionally the description for the repository, then click "Create".

The Personal Access Token

How to create your GitLab Personal Access Token

You can create as many personal access tokens as you like from your GitLab profile.

  • Log in to your GitLab account.
  • Go to your Profile settings.
  • Go to Access tokens.
  • Choose a name and optionally an expiry date for the token.
  • Choose the desired scopes (marked in red color) (see step 1's image).
  • Click on the "Create personal access token" button.
  • Save the personal access token now somewhere safe, it will appear at top of the page. Once you close or refresh the page, you won’t be able to see it again.

How to create your GitHub Personal Access Token

  • Log in to your GitHub account.
  • Go to your Profile settings.
  • Go to Developer Settings -> Personal Access Token -> Click the button "Generate new token".

The images below show that you need to set a friendly token description and select the scopes such as "repo", " admin:public_key" and "delete repo" (marked in red in the next image).

  • Click generate token button that is located at bottom of the page.
  • Make sure you copy the personal access token now . As shown in the image below:

My Repository in the dashboard


From the GitLab web interface, we see that the ML_For_Customers group is taken as an example, which has multiple projects in it. The concept of groups in GitLab is to provide logic to put your projects together in different containers that are called groups.


Assuming you have successfully connected your GitLab to the platform as explained in the Connect to a Repository section, you can work with your repositories from within the dashboard.

As the group is linked, we can see the same projects belonging to the selected group under My Repositories in the Dashboard.


In GitHub, the project can be arranged directly under the user account or under the GitHub organization that is linked to the account. Similar to the above, your dashboard will display the repositories of your account/organization once you have connected to GitHub into the repository settings.