Membership & Subscription

Individuals and Organisations are invited to select one of the available subscription plans after initial account registration. All subscription plans can be found here.

Admin & Users

SEED is a collaborative development platform. The account that has completed the subscription for its own need or on behalf of an organization, becomes the main account (i.e. organizational admin or admin). By default, this account has the admin role and can use the Team function to add/remove other team members.

Read Team and Users for more information

Subscription Plan

For more information about choosing the tier please refer to the tiers' details, under Membership .

Upgrade Subscription Plan

Platform Admins can choose to upgrade the subscription tier at any time.

  1. Click on the Membership menu within the left sidebar.

  2. Select a subscription plan you would like to upgrade to based on your current plan. For example, if you are currently on the Personal tier, you can choose to upgrade to Growth or Business Plus or for Enterprise tier, click on the "Contact Us" button.


Upgrade the subscription plan

  1. You will be transferred to the “Payment Settings” page. Choose the duration of your subscription, validate the wallet address, then click on “Checkout”.

If the payment type is "Blockchain MITx tokens", the discount applied is based on the subscription duration and/or the token balance present in your wallet.

If the payment type is "Credit Card USD", the discount applied is based only on the subscription duration.

Note: Please note that discounts are not cumulative and that only the highest discount will apply.


Validate your payment and click on "checkout"

  1. A confirmation page will pop up. Confirm your purchase, and enjoy the upgraded features.

For more details please consult the steps in the Registration section on the registration page.

Stop Subscription Plan

Users' subscription plans will cease if they do not renew their subscriptions.